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Comfort + Support = Rest (Sleep)

Often, we try and chase the proverbial "Holy Grail" which is a peaceful nights sleep. A good amount of our physical, emotional, mental and medical problems can be helped by a good nights rest. Here I will try and take you through a bit of what you need to know.

What is rest?

Rest is a state of relaxation in which the mind and body are in sync and both accepting of a state of solace (from the environment) and thus aiding intrinsic rejuvenation. What that means is simple. When we actually find a place of peace and rest, we effectively allow our body to balance itself. And in the process, solve sub-conscience incongruences which then allows for rejuvenation.

Now, this is not without some contention. The brain is still being understood. But, what we do know is a peaceful nights rest is indeed a necessity. And is a lot more easily achievable than one might think.

What has this got to do with bedding?

Well, in order to achieve a restful state, our bodies have to be in a tranquil environment. To aide this, we need a good support system (bed) and something physical to provide comfort (duvet cover, sheet, pillow etc).

The reason for choosing for example, Egyptian Cotton over Percale 100% Cotton or Cotton Rich is not only because of the durability and longevity of the fabric. But, the soft feel, smooth edges and moisture flow properties Egyptian Cotton offers.

Our bodies are used to a level of "unexpected", so it is often at a low level tense. If you can help reduce this by having a greater level of comfort, the more relaxed you will be to enter deep sleep. This REM (random eye movement) sleep is the state necessary to get properly rested.

This theory is quite evident from one major example. Most people who have slept in many hotels will often have better sleep in a hotel than even at home. Why? Hotels will use Percale or Egyptian Cotton, a mattress with a nice pillow top and a pocket spring inner coil to provide support. Thus, the physical qualities needed to sleep are present.

Your bedding is as important as your mattress choice. These days, even low level foam mattresses are made comfortable enough for a decent sleep. What you sleep in plays as much as a vital role.

When choosing a duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase. Always consider:


Egyptian cotton is warm in winter and cool in summer and great at moving moisture away from the body


How often would you expect to be cleaning and washing. Some establishments prefer Cotton Rich because it is fairly inexpensive and can last through a good amount of washes. It can then be replaced fairly cheaply. Percale will last longer and is softer to touch but, more sensitive to damage from misuse. Replacing it often could be quite expensive

-Who is it for?

Well this is a bit more of a qualifier. In my opinion, Egyptian Cotton should be ano-brainer for home. Sure, it costs more than double that of Cotton Rich, but, at home even basic care will make them last for over 10 years easily.

For establishments, Percale 300TC. Simply because it is the best bits of durability and comfort. And you will not have to worry too much about someone incorrectly washing it and spoiling them. They are less sensititive to stains and damage than Egyptian or Cotton Rich. A good wash is all that's needed to make them look good as new.

Thanks for reading this little bit of info on bedding and rest. Next topic will be on Thread Count and what it means. If you have any more questions or want us to talk abou ta topic, please comment below or send me an email at:

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